Random Antelope Draw

The demand for our Pronghorn Antelope hunts has grown significantly. The interest is so great that antelope hunts are often selling a year in advance. We wanted to create a solution for those interested in hunting Antelope with our outfit. Our answer was to help our clients take advantage of the Random Antelope Draw in Wyoming and also apply for Montana Antelope licenses. Here is how it works:

Glassing for just the right buck

SNS Outfitter & Guides operates in 27 different Wyoming antelope hunt units. The number of points required to draw these areas varies. Some do not require any preference points while other areas require several to be successful in the draw. The Wyoming draw system uses preference points to draw 75% of the available non-resident quota. The remaining 25% of the quota are issued via a random draw that treats all applications equal, regardless of their preference points. Our Random Antelope Hunt program attempts to draw licenses from this pool of random tags for our clients.

The antelope hunt units we will apply for in Wyoming have draw odds of 10-20%. The Montana antelope hunt unit has 15% draw odds. Our clients have the choice of applying for only the Wyoming tag or both states which doubles their chances of drawing a 2022 antelope license. The Wyoming antelope application deadline is May 31st and Montana’s application deadline is June 1st. Let us know well ahead of application deadlines if you would like to be considered for our Random Antelope Hunt program.

SNS Random Antelope Hunt program is a great solution

When you sign up for our Random Antelope Hunt program, SNS handles the application process on your behalf. To sign up for the program, we will need a completed booking form returned to us. Our booking form can be found in our brochure and on our website home page. You will receive an emailed invoice for the appropriate licenses fees and a minimal deposit. The full 50% deposit will not be due unless you successfully draw a 2022 antelope license. Your hunt party will be applied for as a group so that all members will have the same draw results. 

There’s no feeling like riding back to camp after filling your tag.

SNS clients that are successful in the random draw will be contacted and we will line up hunt dates and get you booked for your antelope hunt. If you fail to draw a 2022 license, your license fees are returned minus application fees kept by the state.. If you do not draw a 2022 license, we will contact you and line up hunt dates for the 2023 season in one of our hunts that you will draw.

SNS Outfitters started offering the Random Antelope Hunt program in 2021 and have had a great response to this options. If you have questions or would like to sign up please call our office (307) 266-4229 or send Sy an email at sns@huntwyo.com