Randy George, 2022 WYOGA Guide Of The Year

SNS would like to congratulate our own Randy George who was named as the Wyoming Outfitter & Guides Association, “Hunting Guide of the Year” for 2022. I was able to steal away a few moments of his time before the banquet dinner to hear about how he got into the guiding industry, what keeps him coming back for more and a very memorable hunt from his first time guiding. Please enjoy my interview with Randy and find the article from WYOGA’s publication below:   

I grew up in the White Mountains of Arizona, in the land of big bull elk. Instead of doing normal things that kids do, I spent as much time in the woods watching and learning about elk. One of my first and favorite memories was sneaking up on a heard of elk in the timber with my dad. I was quite young, but hooked from then on! In 1989, my folks moved back to Wyoming and I followed them. 

My first outfitting job in Wyoming was in 1990. I worked a couple of years in the Dunoir Country, mostly as a camp-jack, but I helped guide a few hunters. My first guiding job was with John Winters on Two Ocean pass in 1996. That was a great experience! That’s big country and to say I was nervous would be an understatement. I’ll never forget that first hunter. He was a blue collar carpenter from Michigan who had saved his hard earned money for years to pay for his dream hunt. The pressure was on. As I called in a bull for him, I was every bit as excited as he was. That first guiding experience was a success and from that point on, I was hooked. I worked for John for several years and then branched out to work for Nate Vance in the Wyoming Thorofare. That was another adventure I’ll never forget. 

As the years passed and I grew older, I began to guide antelope hunts from the pickup. This experience led me to working for some of Wyoming’s legendary outfitters such as Todd Jones, Taylor Engum with East Fork Outfitters and now Sy Gilliland, Outfitter for SNS Outfitters & Guides. Sy has taught me a lot and opened a lot of doors in my life. We have had some great times and I’ve enjoyed the experiences we have shared. 

I am a saddle maker by trade, but guiding is my passion. I work all year building saddles, but can’t wait for September and the start of hunting season. I love spending time in the field, sharing experiences with fellow hunters and helping clients dream hunts become a reality. I strive to make sure they go home fulfilled with their time in Wyoming. 

I am blessed to get to be a part of a great organization of sportsmen and women. I would like to thank Taylor Engum for the nomination, my family for understanding my need to hunt and WYOGA for naming me as their Hunting Guide of the Year. I am honored.