Rutting Montana Mule Deer

Hunting Mule Deer in the rut is as good as it gets for avid deer hunters. Montana offers some of the best opportunities in the west to chase rutting Mule Deer. The Montana rifle season runs from late October through thanksgiving. This month long season gives hunters the opportunity to pursue Mule Deer through all the different phases of the rut.

During the summer and early fall Mule Deer bucks hang out together in bachelor groups. In late October Muley bucks start checking out does who aren’t quite ready to be bred. During the pre rut bucks will separate and start traveling in hopes of finding a hot doe. We often see single bucks mid day on a mission and covering country looking for a doe to breed.

Mule Deer bucks will travel miles if needed to locate a doe that is in estrus. Once a hot doe has been found its not uncommon to see several bucks in the area all trying to breed that doe. This intense activity will last usually around a day and once the doe is bred the bucks are again on the move. Muley bucks do not collect and protect harems like elk and antelope do.

Our hunting strategy is to locate bands of does and then check them frequently during the season. When a doe in the band comes into estrus she will attract the bucks and bring them to her. We constantly see new bucks as a hot doe can and often will pull bucks from neighboring ranches.

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