Spring Antelope Survey, finds green forage and great horn growth!

The winter of 2021 is behind us now and spring is in full bloom here in central Wyoming. The green grass is popping up and the days are getting longer. This time of year feels refreshing and we really enjoy checking out the antelope herds on our Wyoming hunting leases.

Our recent winter was drier than normal with cold temperatures but very little of the severe cold. Last year central Wyoming suffered through a tough drought so our winter ranges had very little forage available for the pronghorn herds. Luckily our snow cover was very light which made forage available for the antelope throughout the entire winter. 

As winter breaks, large bands of antelope divide into smaller groups.
Pronghorn does are heavily pregnant this time of year and will begin to deliver towards the end of May and first part of June.

Wyoming experienced a March snow storm that was a real ‘whopper’! The span of the storm ran from Casper to Cheyenne. The southeastern section of Wyoming experienced brutal conditions which did result in some antelope deaths. In response to this storm, the Wyoming Game & Fish decreased pronghorn antelope licenses primarily in the area affected by the storm. Most of SNS Outfitter & Guides Trophy antelope hunt areas were unaffected. 

Spring moisture is very important, particularly when it comes to antelope horn growth. When antelope shed their outer horn each December, its because the new horn growth pushes off the old horn sheath. The horn of an antelope grows all winter but at a very slow pace. When the range receives good spring moisture, more forage and nutrients are available which equates to increased horn growth. Wyoming’s spring storms are critical for the health of the range and the antelope herds that call them home. 

Spring green forage covers the Wyoming landscape
and provides remarkable nutrients for Buck Antelope horn growth.

Each spring SNS crews survey the hunting leases. We are looking for horn growth, herd health and approximate numbers. These surveys are important as it helps us anticipate the areas that will produce our best chances at finding trophy antelope in the fall. If this sounds like an enjoyable duty, it absolutely is. It is hard to beat a day in beautiful Wyoming, covering country and glassing for antelope! 

If you have an interest in a trophy antelope hunt with SNS Outfitter & Guides, please call. We will be glad to talk about these survey findings and fill you in on all our antelope hunting options.

Who spotted who first? We’ll give you one guess!