Spring Bear Hunting in Wyoming

With summer right around the corner, May happens to be one of our most favorite months of the year. You’re probably thinking, “why May?” since hunting season doesn’t officially begin until late-August with our archery antelope hunts. Well, let’s face it: we are fully underway with our spring bear hunts, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 😉

So far, we already have a couple of bears down, photos to come soon, promise. Not only are we starting our spring bear hunts, but we are also out prepping our ranches and camps. And, in less than a month, we head into trail ride season in western Wyoming. Needless to say, May kicks off a busy time of year for us.

Spring bear hunts bring our guides to western Wyoming – in the Greys River, to be precise. The guides head out a few weeks before the season starts, to get prepared for the upcoming months. Throughout the last month, our guides were busy scouting, witnessing which bears are coming back this year. Thus far, we have seen beautiful, color-phased black bears as well as some cinnamon-colored ones. We will be sure to share a full recap once the season ends. It’s always fun to see what the bears look like each year.

Once we wrap up these hunts at the end of May, we jump straight into our trail ride season at our Jackson Hole Outfitters camp. We have a couple of our guides transitioning from bear hunting into the trail ride season, and then straight back into fall bear. For a few, the season is in full swing until mid-November!

For more information on the trail rides, you can visit jacksonholetrailrides.com.  If you would like more information on a spring bear hunt for 2020, please visit huntwyo.com or give us a call at 307-266-4229. You can also request a free brochure on the home page of our website.

Lastly, take advantage of the beautiful spring weather before it gets too warm for many of us! In the meantime, we encourage you to get out and work on your fitness. You can read the twelve week plan here, or head for the hills and do a little shed hunting. That said, be sure you know your state laws on shed hunting! Happy hunting and prepping – we’ll see you this fall!