Spring Bear Hunting Preview

The spring bear hunting season in Wyoming is almost here. Our guides are already hard at work getting ready for our first hunters to arrive next month. The lodge is being prepared, bait sites are active and we’re excited to see what starts showing up on the trail cameras soon!

After a particularly long winter in the high country, snowpack levels are higher than normal. There’s still a great deal of snow up high, which will certainly limit forage options for bears. They are going to be hungry until the high country begins to green up. And that means we’re looking forward to seeing very active bait sites this year!

With bears concentrated in more predictable areas this year due to the limited availability of early spring grasses, our guides will carefully be monitoring trail cameras. We use trail cameras at each bait site to begin patterning bears, particularly the mature boars.

IMG_2832We are fortunate to hunt an area of Wyoming that is the state’s black bear capitol. The Greys River area is known for predominantly color phase black bears and the area has produced some of the states top scoring trophies. In fact, the last two years we’ve had clients take bears with skulls that core over 20” SCI, taking first place in 2015 and 2016 in the Wyoming Outfitter and Guides Association Awards.

We are looking forward to getting out there on our first hunts of the 2017 season! If you’ll be joining us on a spring bear hunt this year, we look forward to seeing you soon. Be sure and check out our recent article on preparing for a spring bear hunt.

If you’d like to learn more about our spring bear hunting, please see our black bear hunting page or refer to Hunt #9 in our brochure. You can request a free brochure here. We also offer excellent fall black bear hunts. Feel free to call us for details at 307-266-4229.