Spring Black Bear Hunts are Around the Corner

From here on out, the days are getting longer. In just a few months, bear baits will be set, trail cameras will be up and we’ll be getting ready to kick off the 2016 hunting season! Our spring black bear hunts are just around the corner.

Wyoming’s largest concentration of black bears is in the Greys River area, and our Box Y Lodge is the only lodge along the Greys! The baits are always active, making this an exciting hunt.

Spring Bear Hunt Box Y LodgeThis region is known for producing a high percentage of color phase bears. Over the years, our hunters have taken some impressive bears, including some over 7 feet and skulls measuring over 20” SCI. Our hunters use ground blinds placed strategically near the active bait sites. We use game cameras to keep tabs on black bear activity, and we constantly resupply the sites to keep them active.

In a word, the hunting is excellent. But perhaps one of the best perks of this black bear hunt is its laid back nature. More than a great hunt, it’s a great vacation. It’s a perfect hunt to bring a spouse or non-hunting companion. Unlike many hunts that require hunters to be away from camp from dark to dark, this hunt provides plenty of down time.

Throughout the course of the day, our hunters will have time to explore the area. You can cast a line into the Greys River or the Box Y’s private pond full of cutthroat trout. You might spend some time hiking, exploring the Jackson area, or simply relaxing at the lodge.

For those interested in a trophy black bear hunt and an idyllic mountain vacation all in one, this hunt delivers both. We boast a 90% success rate on this hunt and a 100% satisfaction rate. Combined with a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere, it’s easy to see why the spring black bear hunt at the Box Y Lodge is one of our most popular.

We have a few spots left for the 2016 spring bear hunts! If you’re interested in joining us this year, call us now at 307-266-4229. For more information on black bear hunting with SNS Outfitter & Guides, please refer to Hunt #9 in our brochure or check it out on the website. If you’d like a hard copy, you may request a free brochure that outlines our hunting options in Wyoming and Montana.