The 2019 Hunting Outlook

The 2019 hunting season is a little over a month away and the outlook for SNS Outfitter and Guides season is looking to be a great one. The snowpack this winter was above average and melted off a little slower than normal in many parts of the state, which meant a late spring. Although we were pushing through snow we had a favorable spring bear season. Not only did the delayed spring lead to a great spring bear season, it also led into a very green summer, to date.

The combination of a great snowpack this winter and heavy spring moisture brings good news for Wyoming’s wildlife populations. Our big game herds seem to be in excellent condition going into the 2019 hunting season. While unpredictable weather always provides challenges, we should see good numbers of healthy, mature bucks and bulls as we turn the corner to fall.

However, even with the late moisture brought by May storms and consistent rain in June and early July, conditions are starting to dry out across the state. By the end of August and into September, herds will naturally drift into areas with better grazing conditions, and of course water availability. Our guides, naturally, are used to these conditions and will be a large asset to our hunters. Whether in pursuit of antelope, mule deer, whitetail, elk or black bear, our guides will be paying close attention to the quality of feed and the accessibility of water as the season wears on.

While dry conditions are an annual struggle here in the mountain west, we are excited about the overall outlook for the coming hunting seasons. We expect deer, antelope and elk herds to follow more typical patterns this season and to end up with some healthy animals and nice trophies. Happy hunting!

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