The Master of Involvement; WYOGA President, Sy Gilliland

Being an Outfitter is far more than meets the eye. The amount of planning and organization that goes into doing the job properly is an enormous task. In additional to time spent overseeing thousands of details, being involved with protecting conservation rights goes with the role. SNS Outfitter, Sy Gilliland, is the master of involvement! His resume over 43 years of outfitting includes highlights such as; ground breaking legislative work that created a state bill ensuring Outfitters are held accountable by one another, his role with the Animal Damage Management Board as appointed by Governor Mead, the seven years he served on the Wyoming State Board of Outfitting & Professional Guides as appointed by Governor Sullivan and his many years, and roles on the board of the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association. 

Sy is proud of his current role as the President of the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association (WYOGA). I inquired why he spends so much precious time serving. His answer was one of true leadership, “Its important for the industry to have elevated standards, to treat clients and the animals they pursue with the utmost respect. It is good for Wyoming’s industry, as well, to have to compete and operate at a higher level for success.” 

Recently Sy’s role as the WYOGA President, took him to the Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. While at the show, he and Governor Mark Gordon had an opportunity to once again visit about the ample hunting opportunities the state of Wyoming possesses. In the latest addition of WYOGA’s Wyoming Outdoors publication both Governor Gordon and Sy address fellow hunters and outdoor enthusiast. To get your copy, visit the WYOGA website at To view Sy’s letter here, please continue reading below: 

Greetings from the President of WYOGA!

Dear fellow hunters and outdoor enthusiasts:

In 2019, we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the Wyoming Outfitters & Guides Association. I want to thank the Wyoming Outfitters that had the foresight to create and build such a strong statewide organization.

The members of WYOGA are hands down the finest outfitters in Wyoming. As you plan your next dream big game hunt or outdoor adventure, rest assured, the right outfitter to spend your hard earned dollars with is a WYOGA member. The Wyoming outfitting industry is healthy and a huge part of our tourism industry which happens to be our state’s second largest industry.

WYOGA maintains a full-time office and our administrator, Laurie Marcovitz, runs a tight ship. The office requires full time attention with numerous duties including publication ad sales, fundraising, organizing our annual convention, attending the SCI & Shot Show and numerous board meetings.

WYOGA is made up of 12 Board of Directors and two Guide Representatives. WYOGA board members commit to attending multiple meetings and serving on state wildlife task forces at their own expense. Without the time and dedication by the board members, WYOGA would not be as successful as it is.

Our legislative presence is directed by our lobbyist Bill Novotny who maintains a year-round presence. The traveling sportsman’s lone voice in Wyoming politics is WYOGA and we work very hard to ensure our incredible wildlife resources are shared with those who live out of our borders. The non-resident hunter receives approximately 20% of the total big game and trophy game licenses yet provides 80% of the license fee funding to the Wyoming Game & Fish. Our Wyoming Game & Fish department could not function at the level its dedicated wildlife professionals do if not for non-resident sportsmen and women.

Wyoming offers incredible hunting, fishing and outdoor experiences. The cowboy state’s wildlife populations are unrivaled due in large part to a low human population, incredible and abundant habitat and responsible management by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. So visit our member’s websites, stop in their booths at a sport show or give them a call. It’s never been a better time to hunt, fish or recreate in our great state. 


Sy Gilliland, President of Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association