Three Rounds, Are You Ready?

SNS Outfitter & Guides at the Wyoming Gun Company

It’s countdown time! That long awaited hunt is right around the corner. On top of getting your daily exercise so you are ready for the rigors of a western hunt, it is also time to make sure your gear is up to standard. Next, let’s not forget the importance of getting your rifle, scope, and ammo tuned up and ready. It’s vital to carve out some time to hit the rifle range and make time to practice with the rifle you plan on bringing with you. Unfortunately too many hunters put this off as a last minute item and do not make the time to get plenty of shooting practice. Time spent at the range will hopefully result in a clean ethical kill.

The first step is to check out your weapon. Be sure all screws are tight and your rifle is cleaned throughly. Pick out, and buy plenty of ammunition so you will have more than enough to shoot at the range. Your scope needs to be clear, and the scope mounts secure. It may be well worth the time and money to have a reputable gunsmith give your rifle a once over.

Next, head to the rifle range, try to pick out a nice cool day or morning with no wind. Shooting during cooler conditions will help the rifle barrel cool down between shot groups. When sighting in your rifle, shoot groups of 3 rounds letting your barrel cool down between groups. This will help considerably with accuracy. SNS Outfitter & Guides find it best to make scope adjustments in slow increments, again giving the barrel plenty of time to cool down between groups. Be sure and shoot from a good bench with a rock-solid rest to obtain the very best results.

The final step is to get additional practice away from the shooting bench. You’ll want to practice shooting from the prone position using the backpack you’re bringing as a rest. In addition, shoot from a seated position using the shooting sticks you plan on bringing with you on your hunt. SNS Outfitter, Sy Gilliland, will tell you, “by far the most common position we shoot from on our hunts is the sitting position followed by prone shots. Don’t skimp out and burn plenty of ammo.” 

Practice, practice, practice! Your time at the range will pay huge dividends when it comes down to making that perfect shot on your trophy animal.