Time is Running Out for Wyoming Preference Points

The deadline to purchase Wyoming preference points is quickly approaching, October 31st is the last chance for 2018. Whats the stipulation to purchase? You are eligible to purchase if, either you didn’t earn a point in the 2018 draw, or you didn’t draw your first choice.

You are able to draw preference points for antelope, deer, elk, and moose. For the majority of Wyoming’s hunts you’ll need a preference point(s), and if you would like a better understanding of how the preference point system, click here or give us a call. Whether you’re hoping for a draw in 2019, or simply working to accumulate more points, now is the time to act. 

Maybe you’re considering hunting with SNS Outfitter and Guides? Then, just maybe, now is your chance to take advantage of our Preference Point Program.  What that means for you; we handle the points and the application process for you. So, when you draw we will deduct the cost of the points from the total cost of your hunt. Another great reason to purchase a preference point today, and not push the October 31 deadline. 

You’re probably wondering when you’ll be able to use the point? Well, any points that you purchase this year (2019) will be used in the 2019 draw, if you wish to use the points then.

If interested in learning more please visit our Preference Point page, or give us a call at: 307-266-4229. Happy hunting!