Trophy Antelope Buck Hunt, 3 for 3 with SNS

As they say, if you know, you know! That crazy mix of adrenaline and joy; relief and pride as you pull the trigger and see the results unfold in front of you. Feeling exhausted and exhilarated all at once is a something that SNS Outfitter and Guides is no stranger to. For 46 seasons now, we have been lucky enough to host top quality hunting adventures in Wyoming & Montana. Time and time again, clients have expressed their appreciation and fond memories of a hunt well conducted. 

We take a lot of pride in providing 1st class hunts and wanted to share a few scenes from a trophy antelope hunt this past fall with professional hunting guides; Richard Fink & Mark Jarrett. They guided Tim, Lonnie & Chris who have known one another and hunted together for years. They joined us in September and went 3 for 3, each taking home a trophy antelope buck.

Day one kicked off with a hearty meal from camp cook Ms. Sylvia at our Red Butte Lodge. They geared up, checked their equipment and were off and running. The first day was all about glassing and “shopping” for the right buck. Anyone who has hunted antelope with SNS will tell you, its not about finding an antelope buck to harvest, but rather deciding which one is the right buck for you. The day concluded with a plan of which antelope these hunting buddies would like to pursue at first shooting light tomorrow.

Riding along with Tim and Mark on day two started out with a waiting game. The buck that Tim liked best from the day before was lingering in a draw that didn’t allow us to get a good sneak on him and he was darn content to stay right there. We waited and watched as he mingled with the does and leisurely grazed. It was game on however when he trotted across the meadow and over the rise. The hillside gave us enough cover to put a stalk on him and move into ethical shooting range. Tim’s pursuit ended with a finishing shot standing over the hood of the truck. One buck down!

Tim’s comments as he looked over his buck were all about what cool character he has, how the cutters fan outward and that fork on the left cutter really makes him a stand out trophy.

In the meantime, on a neighboring ranch, Richard and Lonnie were able to put a stalk on a really nice trophy buck. As Lonnie said, he was a “scrapper” with one of his cutters having broken off, likely while sparing during mating season. The two groups met up for lunch in the field and to tell some “tailgate tales” as we call it; swapping stories of a successful morning of hunting. 

As the sun stretched onward into afternoon, the antelope that Chris had his sights set on was right where we left him the evening before. With a plan in place, a quick stalk was put on him. With little cover, he spotted us and quickly stood up. No time to waste! Chris made a perfect shot to drop him right where he stood and the celebration was on! 

And there you have it! 3 for 3 trophy antelope bucks this past September with SNS Outfitter & Guides. If this looked like a great time and you have been holding back on using your Wyoming Preference points, rest assured. Although we did have quite the snowfall this past winter, we did not experience significant winter die off in Central Wyoming, the area that SNS conducts its antelope hunts. In fact, the Wyoming Game & Fish is maintaining the same level of Type 1 Antelope Buck tags as they issued in 2022. Making 2023 and 2024 a great time to cash in those points and join us for a Pronghorn Antelope hunt. 

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