Twenty-Three Years of Hunting with SNS Outfitter & Guides

Tailgate Tales

[a collection of stories from SNS hunters throughout the years]

#3: featuring Sam Faggetti 

“Twenty Three years of hunting with SNS”


Twenty-three years of hunting with SNS

Our third episode of our Tailgate Tales series features longtime client and friend Sam Faggetti. Sam has been coming out west and hunting with SNS Outfitters for 23 years. During this time he has brought many friends, family and business associates to experience one of our outstanding hunting experiences.

23 years ago Sam booked his first hunt with SNS after being advised to use our services by Cabelas Outdoor Adventures. After having a conversation with our Outfitter, Sy, he felt SNS was the right choice for this first hunt. Sam has been impressed with our attention to detail, high success and the emphasis placed on providing safe hunting experiences. 

Heather was able to catch up with Sam and longtime professional guide David Dandridge on a 2023 fall black bear hunt. Sam and Heather were able to sit down for a visit about his many hunting experiences with SNS Outfitters. I think your going to really enjoy hearing it from Sam himself, rather than reading about it in a blog. Please click on the link and enjoy the video. 

Thank you Sam for being such a longtime loyal client and we look forward to many more great hunts.

If your interested in making your own hunting memories and booking a hunt with SNS, please visit our website or call 307-266-4229.