Why I Chose SNS Outfitter & Guides

Antelope hunting with SNS Outfitter & Guides

After spending quite a bit of time researching different outfitters throughout Wyoming, I landed on SNS Outfitter & Guides. While I was researching Wyoming Outfitters, I had a few things in mind – these made for fairly specific wants and needs. Most importantly, I wanted an outfitter that offered hunts for big game animals. This is simply because I want to continue building preference points for trophy animals; however in the meantime, I will be hunting animals, like antelope, that do not require points to draw. These animals will fill our freezer full of wild, organic meat.

My first priority for 2019 is an antelope hunt. I’ve never gone on an antelope hunt personally – I have only tagged along with my husband. I have always been intrigued with antelope and their overall demeanor, which makes for a more challenging hunt. Antelope are a unique animal in the sense that they spend much of their time at a far distance from anyone. They are North America’s fastest land animal and have exceptionally keen vision, all of which play into the difficulty of the hunt.

With all of that in mind, I wanted to make sure SNS checked all of the boxes. Sy is a very intelligent outfitter and has been in the business for many years. Chatting with him made me confident in the opportunities as a first-time antelope hunter. As I continued through the booking process, Ambrosia was also an integral part and truly simplified the rest of the steps. Moral of the story: they both made me feel reassured in my decision.

Knowing that I have high chances of harvesting a Wyoming antelope my first year of hunting with SNS is pretty exciting. Although it will not be a trophy, that’s not the goal. For my husband and I, the ultimate goal for any hunting experience is to make another memory and fill our freezer. A trophy is a bonus. We absolutely love wild game and know it has many health benefits.

Now as the season approaches, it’s time for me to start planning beyond the hunt. I will begin finding the right hunting boots. I will keep you posted on what I find that I love (however, I should note that as a female, getting the perfect gear can be tough. Most hunting gear is designed for men). I will also be gearing up with the right apparel for an antelope hunt – First Lite – a hunting-focused clothing company based in Sun Valley, Idaho has a fantastic selection of women’s gear. Again, I’ll let you know what I end up with as the season gets closer! Lastly, I’ll be buying a new rifle for the hunt. I’m in search of a great dual-use gun, something for both antelope and mule deer. I’ll likely go with a Creedmor, but stay tuned.

As of right now, I’m about six to seven months away from the hunt, so conditioning is imperative, I’m a pretty fit person as it stands, but conditioning for a hunt is different than conditioning for ski season or training for a half marathon. Recently, SNS posted an article about 12 weeks of fitness for hunting season. This is a great reference point for both exercise and diet to help you feel prepared. I will be following that plan pretty closely, but again, I will keep you in the loop as the hunt gets closer!

Now, the wait begins. This is the first of many blogs to come, but I will continue writing about what I am currently prepping for, buying, or anything related to the hunt. Next month we’ll dive into my decision to also book a mule deer hunt with SNS in 2019. In terms of my “game time” decisions, be sure you’re following SNS on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information about the hunts that SNS Outfitter and Guides offers, click here. To have a free brochure mailed to you, click here, and if you have any direct questions for Candace, email her here!

Happy hunting, and happy prepping!