Why We Love Spring Bear Hunts

spring bear hunt
Guide David Cardinal (right) and his client with a Wyoming spring black bear.

The spring bear hunts are a beloved annual tradition here at SNS Outfitter and Guides. This hunt kicks off our season each year, and it’s one of the most popular Wyoming hunts we offer. We see many return clients on this hunt, and it’s a favorite among our guides.

David Cardinal is one of our veteran guides here at SNS, and he’s been doing the spring bear hunt for 12 years.

“For our hunters, including the ones who have been on this hunt more than once, it’s about the whole experience,” David told us. “The Box Y Lodge is very nice, the country is beautiful, and it’s a laid-back hunt that always brings a lot of laughs and great memories.”

An average day on this hunt starts with breakfast at about 8 a.m. Around 9 a.m. the guides head out to check the baits. Clients can spend the day fishing in our lodge’s catch and release pond or on the well-known Greys River. Fishing this time of year can be fantastic. Clients may also choose to spend the early part of the day visiting the nearby elk refuge or sightseeing.

We¬† eat our “dinner” or main meal of the day around 3 p.m. and then head out to the baits in the late afternoon. Returning to the lodge around 10 p.m., we will enjoy a selection of snacks, finger food and drinks.

While the schedule on this hunt is laid back and far from demanding, it isn’t short on action. The baits are very active and our guides work hard during the day to put our clients on the right bait at the right time.

“Most of our baits require a quarter-mile to a half-mile walk,” David explained. “We have baits that can suit hunters of all physical abilities, but we are very strategic in where we place them. That is why we don’t like to bring ATVs near the baits.”

As our guides check the baits each day, they make every effort to get in and out quickly and take every precaution to reduce human intrusion. Each bait is set up with a camera that our guides use to pattern bears, and to see what size and color bears are hitting the bait.

“If we see that a bear is hitting a bait at midnight one day, then 11 p.m. the next and 10 p.m. the next, we know that bear is becoming a daytime bear, and we can plan accordingly,” David said.

“As a guide, the baiting is my favorite part of this hunt,” he continued. “I love the physical part of it, backpacking it in. But I also enjoy seeing when a bear has been hitting a bait. It’s exciting to see what kinds of bears are coming in and the different color phases.”

All of this hard work on the part of our guides pays off for our guests each year. We boast a 90% success rate on our spring bear hunts, and a 100% satisfaction rate. It’s certainly different from the typical spot-and-stalk style that dominates most of our other Wyoming hunts. It’s different. And it’s fun. That’s why we love it!

For more information on spring bear hunts in Wyoming with SNS Outfitter and Guides, please visit our Bear Hunting Page. You may also call us anytime with questions at 307-266-4229 or request a free brochure with info on all of our hunts.