Wyoming Antelope and Deer Draw Results Available

antelope in wyomingAs of 10:00 a.m. on June 22, the draw results for Wyoming antelope and deer licenses will be posted on the Game and Fish Website.

We understand that there‚Äôs a ton of excitement when the draw results become available. If you were successful in drawing a tag, we will mail your complete information packet next week, which includes all of your pre-hunt details. Expect to see those packets in your mailbox the week of July 4th. 

Any unsuccessful applicants will also receive a notification in the mail from us. So please hang tight and be patient with us. You will be receiving your hunt information very soon!

If you did not have the opportunity to book your hunt before the application deadline, please know that we still have antelope hunts available with no license draw required. Due to the health of our pronghorn herds and the mild winter on the eastern half of the state, Wyoming Game and Fish has increased antelope licenses in many of our units. For availability, call us now at 307-266-4229.

We also have opportunities in September for some incredible fall black bear hunts. No drawing is required for a bear license and they are available to any nonresident. To learn more about our awesome fall black bear hunts, see our Bear Hunt Page. To book your trip, give us a call at 307-266-4229 or send us a message.

Congratulations to those of you who drew antelope and deer licenses in Wyoming this year! We look forward to seeing you.