Interview with an SNS Guide: Guy Palmquist

SNS Outfitters and Guides is fortunate to have some of the best guides in the business and Guy Palmquist is no exception. He has been a professional Wyoming antelope hunting guide for over three decades and currently guides hunts for antelope, mule deer, elk and bear. Guy is an extremely talented field judge of record book antelope and has been guiding record book antelope hunts for more than 25 years.

Guy PalmquistQ: Guy, tell us a little bit about how long you’ve been guiding and what hunts you enjoy doing the most for SNS Outfitters.

Guy: Well, I’ve been guiding hunters for more than 30 years and I’ve been with SNS Outfitters for more than 20 years. From a guide’s perspective, I’d say that one of the most challenging hunts we offer, are the record book antelope hunts. Hunting record book antelope is different than hunting for trophy antelope. If it takes a score of 80 inches to make the record books, you don’t want to kill an animal that scores 79 7/8. So it’s a complicated thing.

When it comes to hunting record book antelope bucks, you have to look at a lot of antelope. You spend a lot more time glassing, you have to  know exactly how they score, and you have to be able to look at them from a number of different angles. Antelope are the toughest animals to judge on the hoof, but it’s a lot of fun. You may have to pass up several huge animals in search of that one that makes the record book.

Q: If a hunter is coming to Wyoming for the first time to hunt, what are the key pieces of advice that you’d give?

Guy: When it comes to Wyoming antelope hunting, mule deer hunting or any western big game hunt, my first piece of advice is shoot, shoot, shoot. Hunters should shoot from different positions, not just a bench rest. Shooting from a bench is great for sighting in your rifle. But also practice from a prone position, from one knee, and so on.

Second, we can customize an antelope hunt to anybody’s ability. But the better shape you’re in, the better chance you have of taking a better animal. I also recommend that hunters not bring new boots with them. Bring boots that you know are comfortable.

Hunters also often ask what rifle they should bring. I always tell them to bring the one they shoot best. So if they have a .300 win mag, which is more than enough power to harvest an antelope, they should still bring that over their .270 if they shoot it better. What a hunter shoots best is what he should use.

Finally, I would recommend that hunters have the best quality optics they can afford. Glassing with antelope is everything and optics is such an advantage. On a guided hunt, your guide will have a spotting scope, so hunters should not worry about bringing that. But having quality binoculars and a quality rifle scope can be very important.

Guy PalmquistQ: What do you enjoy most about your work as a hunting guide?

Guy: This is a passion. I really enjoy the bond that is created with my clients. I not only get excited to show folks Wyoming, but I’ve always had the sense that as a hunting guide, I get to share their great adventure. This is how they’ve chosen to spend their vacation time, and I get the honor of sharing that experience with them. It is a huge responsibility and a privilege. It is an absolutely unbelievable thrill to meet these new people. It never gets old.

I rarely now pull the trigger on an animal. I get so much more satisfaction guiding hunters than I do hunting for myself. They have such a thrill, and to get that handshake and a big grin, a hug, a high five or whatever it is, I get to be there at one of the most thrilling moments of their life. It is very satisfying and very fulfilling.

Q: When you’re not guiding in the fall, what keeps you busy?

Guy: I have a company called The Wyoming Channel where we film documentaries and I am the CFO for that. I also do financial consulting work where I now live in Boise. I lived in Casper and was in the banking industry there and then retired to Boise with my daughter to be near family. I am also working in real estate investment here with family members. And then of course I spend the fall guiding for SNS. So for being retired, I stay pretty active and involved.

Thanks to Guy for taking the time to share about his passion for big game hunting. For more information on antelope hunting, mule deer hunting or more with SNS Outfitters & Guides, please visit our website.