Wyoming Elk Hunting Opportunities: What’s Your Ideal Hunt?

2013 Wyoming elk hunt Here at SNS Outfitter & Guides, we are proud to offer some excellent and unique elk hunting opportunities. From our own private lodge on a 10,000 acre ranch, to the wild country of the Greys River, we have elk hunting opportunities for just about everyone.

Wyoming is a big place with widely varying landscapes. From badlands to open prairie, to lofty, snow-capped peaks, it’s a place of extremes. And we think it’s only fitting to offer a wide range of experiences for our elk hunters.

Our elk hunt in the Bighorn Mountains takes place on a spectacular, 10,000 acre ranch. With vast expanses of sagebrush, juniper-lined canyons, aspen groves and even thick timber, this ranch provides an unforgettable elk hunting experience. The hunt takes place from our comfortable lodge, and all hunting is done by horseback. If you’ve seen our brochure, you’ll recognize this as hunt number three.

Next, we offer a lodge hunt in the well-known Greys River region of Wyoming. In fact, the Box Y Lodge is the only lodge on the Greys River. Here we offer both archery and rifle hunts for elk. The greys river country is rugged, and we use horses to ride to our hunting locations each day. The Box Y is a comfortable lodge in a spectacular mountain setting. This is listed as hunt number seven in our brochure.

Finally, we offer a second elk hunting option in the Greys River area – this time, from the camp of Jackson Hole Outfitters. Located near 7,000 feet elevation, this camp sits in prime elk hunting country and offers both archery and rifle hunts for bull elk. This hunt is also done on horseback, in some of Wyoming’s most spectacular country. The Jackson Hole Outfitters camp provides a nice balance of comforts, while still providing an authentic high country elk hunting experience.

For more information on elk hunting with SNS Outfitter & Guides, please check out our elk hunting page. You may also call us anytime at 307-266-4229 or request a free brochure.