You Could Win a Free Hunt When You Join the WHDF!

logoWe’ve posted a few articles over the past several months on the great work being done by the Wyoming Hunter Defense Fund (WHDF). This organization’s mission is to protect our hunting opportunities in Wyoming. Bad legislation has threatened those opportunities recently, but thanks to the WHDF and its partners, these serious attacks were thwarted.

These attacks included Wyoming House and Senate bills that would have drastically cut nonresident hunting licenses in Wyoming. Not only would this be devastating to Wyoming’s economy, it would have damaged wildlife funding and management, and had a negative impact on our opportunity to hunt – both as residents and nonresidents. The WHDF is the only voice representing nonresident hunters in Wyoming.

We need your help in this fight. And now, when you join the Wyoming Hunter Defense Fund, you will be entered into a raffle to win one of 7 free, guided hunts in the 2015 Hunt Extravaganza! Each membership automatically comes with one raffle entry. And for every additional $100 donated, you will receive another entry into the Hunt Extravaganza. With a relatively small audience, odds are great to win one of these 7 hunts.

These raffle prizes include hunts for elk, mule deer, antelope, bear, mountain lion and whitetail deer. Local Wyoming outfitters donated these hunts in support of the WHDF. These hunts are all guided and in most cases, include everything except your hunting license and travel costs.

For more information, please visit the WHDF Website where you can view the 2015 Hunt Extravaganza flyer and download a WHDF Membership Form.