Only 2 Months Until the Wyoming Elk Application Deadline

For some of you, the 2016 hunting just ended. For many of you, it’s still going on. It may be hard to believe, but it’s time to start planning your 2017 elk hunts. The Wyoming elk application deadline is January 31 and that’s only a couple of months away!

With the application deadline coming up, it’s time to decide on your elk hunting plans for next year. We have three excellent elk hunting opportunities that we would like to highlight:

First, we offer a very unique opportunity to hunt elk on a spectacular private ranch that sprawls for more than 100,000 acres and is home to a resident herd of 600-800 elk. We have carefully managed this ranch for 26 years and we have the elk quality to prove it. For more about this opportunity, check out Hunt #3 on our website.

Next, we offer rifle bull elk hunts in the beautiful Greys River area of western Wyoming. This is a classic high country elk hunt from our comfortable Box Y Lodge. The roadless basins surrounding the Greys River are home to a resident herd of elk that boasts a high bull-to-cow ratio. Refer to Hunt #7 to learn more.

Finally, we offer an outstanding archery elk hunting experience from our Jackson Hole Outfitters camp, also on the scenic Greys River. These September hunts provide the opportunity to hunt bull elk during the rut, something that every hunter should experience. For details, please see Hunt #8 on our website.

There’s so much elk hunting opportunity, it’s too bad you have to take it one year at a time! If you’d like help deciding what to do in 2017, give us a call at 307-266-4229 or send us a message. We can assist you with our Preference Point Program if necessary and help you make the most out of your Wyoming elk hunting experience.