2019 Archery Antelope Recap with SNS Outfitter & Guides

A few weeks ago, the 2019 Archery Antelope season came to a close. This year, we had eight hunters experience 2019 Archery Antelope hunts in Wyoming with us, and what a great season it was. All eight hunters were able to get shots off, with seven taking home the prize. Overall, it was a great experience and a great time for all involved.

 This year the weather was a blessing, it was a warmer hunt, which is surprisingly favorable when it comes to an Archery Antelope hunt. When the weather is warm, the antelope frequently visit the watering holes. Whereas when the weather is cooler, the antelope tend to stay away from the watering holes, thus making for a tougher hunt.

This season brought some entertainment to our hunters in the blinds, one of the hunters had a snake that kept coming into his blind. Generally, we will see skunk, coyotes, and mice — not snakes. Interestingly, seeing these various animals helps speed up the slower hours, as archery antelope hunts require a great deal of patience. 

Here at SNS, we are lucky enough to have some wonderful ranch leases that are favorable for our hunters. We asked guide, Richard Fink, what the biggest difference between an archery and rifle antelope hunt are, he responded with the following. “The archery hunts take place near a watering hole and we work to keep our hunters within 40-yard shots, whereas the rifle hunts are more of the traditional spot and stalk. Patience is critical for our archery hunters whereas with a rifle hunt, you are constantly moving around and chasing your antelope. Patience is still needed, but you have the ability to move often. With rifle hunts, you get to chase and chase and chase that perfect animal and your shot can easily be over 200 yards. The archery hunts are 5-day hunts, and we do have hunters that require all five days to take home their animal.”

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