Application Period Open for Nonresident Antelope and Deer

If you’re interested in hunting opportunities in Wyoming, it’s application season and now is the time to book your hunt! If you’d like to apply for a nonresident antelope or deer license this year in Wyoming, applications are now being accepted.

If you are interested in hunting in Wyoming this year, but not sure where to apply or how, please let us know. Here at SNS Outfitter and Guides, we handle that process for our hunters. In fact, we have a Preference Point Program where we’ll even handle your preference points for you, and deduct the cost of your points from the price of your hunt. In the end, your preference points will cost you nothing when you book with us.

Want to hunt Wyoming antelope this year? No problem! Most of our antelope units can be drawn without any preference points. But you do need to apply! Call us now to get your application in and secure your pronghorn license for 2016. SNS-00862   SNS-00697

Are you interested in a Wyoming mule deer hunt this year? Again, no problem! Some of the ranches we hunt are in units where deer licenses can be drawn without any preference points. Some of these even offer opportunities to hunt mule deer and antelope in combination. But like antelope, you need to apply to receive a license!

The process is totally painless – we will handle the nitty-gritty details of the application process for you. No guessing, no unit numbers or codes to remember. To book a hunt with us this year, give us a call at 307-266-4229. You can also request a free brochure. For details on all the hunting opportunities we offer, see our new website at