It’s not all bad news! Central Wyoming Antelope faired well

While you may have heard the news of what a hard winter some areas of Wyoming experienced this year, you likely have not heard, how well the antelope in central Wyoming faired. Bad news always travels more quickly after all, but we wanted to reassure our clients. The worst winter conditions occurred in southern and south western Wyoming, fortunately areas we do not hunt. Our trophy areas in central Wyoming have maintained the same antelope buck quotas we had in 2022 and we are looking at a great up coming season. So, if you haven’t finalized your plans for the 2023 hunting season and have Wyoming Antelope preference points, we have options for you!

Our primary antelope private land units open September 15 and run though most of October. We have a few camp openings and a good selection of dates for a town hunt option. It’s a great time to use those points and draw a license. Our trophy areas can be drawn using the special license option with a handful of points. In 2024 the cost of the special antelope license is going to double so why not beat the license fee increase and hunt in 2023?

With all of the moisture we received this winter, our rangeland conditions are going to be spectacular. Great range conditions will translate into healthy antelope and good horn growth. In fact, it’s stacking up to be the best conditions we have seen in possibly 10 years. 

Our price for a camp trophy antelope hunt is $3,395.00 for a 3-day hunt. The camp is a very nice two story fishing lodge that we lease for 3 weeks during the antelope season. Our full time cook, Miss Sylvia and her husband, Arnold will take care of making sure you’re fed well! Arnold has a special recipe for his famous Texas dry rub pork ribs and Miss Sylvia makes some of the finest authentic Mexican dishes and her homemade salsa is to die for.

If a town hunt is your preferred option we can arrange that as well. Those hunts are $3,195.00 for a 3-day hunt from the Ramkota in Casper, Wyoming. Our town manager is the ever popular, Benny Tillerson, Wyoming Outfitter & Guides Association’s Guide of the Year in 2021. Benny will make sure all the details for your hunt are taken care of. Our crew of experienced antelope guides are very well versed in judging antelope horns, a critical skill set.

Call today ( 1-307-266-4229 ) or email at  Sy, SNS’s Outfitter, and Ambrosia, our office manager, are ready to answer any questions you may have and get you booked for a Trophy Antelope Hunt with SNS Outfitter & Guides.