Mastering Preference Points

The preference point application period has once again come around. While many of the hunts offered by SNS do not take years to draw, we highly recommend the purchase of points to help ensure successful draw results. 

Wyoming’s preference points are species specific rather than area specific. The application period to buy preference points in 2021 is July – November 1. Points must be purchased prior to the year you apply for a draw.

Here is an example: You buy points for Antelope at $31.00 per point in the years 2019, 2020, 2021. You apply for a license in the area of your choice in 2022 so you go into the draw with 3 points.

Montana’s preference points preference points are specific to just Deer & Elk license applications. Montana’s preference points can be purchase July 1 – September 30. Points can be purchased prior to the year of the license application, just like Wyoming’s, but Montana also allows you to purchase a point at the time of the application. Montana point purchases are capped at two (2) preference points. The one exception to this cap is if you are booked with a licensed Montana outfitter. In that situation, you receive one additional point for the draw.

Here is an example: You buy a point for Mule Deer for $50.00 in 2021.You apply for a license in 2022 and also apply for your 2022 point. You book your hunt with SNS Outfitter & Guides, a licensed Montana outfitter, you will receive a third point. This means you would enter the 2022 Montana draw with 3 points.

Remember, neither state issues preference points automatically if you did not draw a first-choice license in 2021.

SNS Outfitter & Guides offers an additional incentive to our clients. Members who sign up for either our 3-year or 5-year program, receive a discount on the cost of your hunt. When you draw the license, SNS will discount your hunt the amount you paid for points. When all is said and done, your preference points will not cost you a thing!  

Points only cost a small fee but open the door to some of our best hunting opportunities! If you would like to hunt Wyoming or Montana at any point in the future, purchasing a point for your desired species is highly recommended. You can see point costs and details here. To get started with our Preference Point program or if you have questions, contact us. Our office manager, Ambrosia, can assist you with this process. She can be reached at (307) 266-4229 or email