Improve Your Draw Odds
With the Preference Point Program

bull elk winterIn 2006, the Wyoming Game & Fish Department started issuing preference points to nonresident hunters for elk, deer & antelope. For several years Wyoming has sold points for moose & Bighorn sheep. In order to serve the needs of our clients and help ensure your ability to draw licenses in the future, we felt the need to develop and implement a preference point program. Wyoming has areas that grow very large Trophy class pronghorn antelope that rival anything taken in New Mexico or Arizona. These hunts can cost $5,000 or more in New Mexico or Arizona, but by buying points and some planning, you can hunt record book antelope with SNS Outfitters for a lot less money.

In 2011 the State of Montana started a preference point program for elk & deer licenses. We no longer have outfitter sponsored licenses in Montana so it's imperative that you start to accumulate points to hunt Big Sky mule deer in the future. We are currently offering the same type of program we offer for our Wyoming point clients. The Montana hunt is one of your best opportunities to take a great mule deer so sign up today and start planning for a future mule deer hunt. Points cost $50.00 annually.


elk hunting snsNonresident hunters may purchase points by two different methods. The first method is to purchase a point (one per year) and accumulate points until you are ready to use them and apply for a license. There is no limit to the number of points you may accumulate, however, remember this: you cannot skip two consecutive years or you will lose all of your accumulated points.

The second method is to apply for a Wyoming license and if you fail to draw your first choice you may still draw your second choice and receive a preference point. For example: If you book a trophy mule deer in the Greys River Area (Hunt 7 or Hunt 8) and also apply for a second choice deer license for Hunt 3 and you fail to draw your first choice but draw your second choice, you will receive a preference point and still be able to go deer hunting that fall. All while building points for the Greys River area (Hunt 7 or Hunt 8). SNS Outfitters is happy to apply for these points for you. Please keep reading to find out how to sign up.


Along with the obvious advantage of being assured a license by purchasing preference points, another advantage is it will often save you money by allowing you to purchase a less expensive, regular license, versus a special, higher-priced, license. SNS Outfitter & Guides also takes the guesswork out of applying for preference points by doing it for you.

PREFERENCE POINT FEES: (price per point)

Elk $52.00
Deer * $41.00
Antelope * $31.00
MT Mule Deer Point $50.00
* These are in addition to license fees and application fees.

Wyoming Game & Fish charges a 2.5% non-refundable processing fee on all of the above preference points.

Youth points for elk, deer, and antelope are $10.00 each. Bighorn sheep and moose youth points are the same as adults. Persons who are less than 18 years of age and at least 11 years of age at the time of the application may apply for a youth point.


July is the time to start purchasing preference points for those hunts and species that require them. The following hunts contain the more difficult areas to draw and preference points are essential in order to guarantee a license:


It’s easy; simply fill out the booking form, the name of the hunt you will be booking is called The Points Program, then name the animal or animals and years in which you want to sign up for (this is done under the hunt dates section). After that fill out the required personal information (this information is required by the Wyoming Game & Fish or Montana Fish, Parks & Wildlife) and mail, fax or email the completed form to us. It’s as simple as that.

SNS Outfitters will contact you annually to find out if you plan on booking a hunt or to let you know if your points need to be renewed. When you decide to use those points on one of our hunts the amount paid for your points will be discounted from the price of the hunt. In essence your points cost you nothing.



Personal checks are accepted, as well as all major credit cards.


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