Meet the Guides: David Dandridge, Wyoming Mule Deer and Elk Hunting Guide

Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt
A happy client with Guide David Dandridge (right).

One of the most exciting hunts offered by SNS Outfitter & Guides, are the mule deer and elk hunts that take place in the Greys River area of Wyoming. This is high country hunting at its best. We are fortunate to have guides like David Dandridge who live for this type of hunting.

We recently sat down with David and asked him about his thoughts on mule deer hunting on the Greys River, how to best prepare for this type of hunt, and what he enjoys most about his job on the mountain. Here is what David had to say:

Q: David, how long have you been guiding hunts for SNS, and what species do you guide for primarily?

David: Well, I have been guiding for SNS for 16 years now, and I specialize in the high country horseback hunts. First, I guide the mule deer and elk hunts on the Greys River (that’s hunt number seven, if you look at an SNS brochure). Then, I also guide elk and mule deer hunts in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains (that is hunt number three in the brochure). Finally, I guide spring bear hunt in Wyoming, and that is a lot of fun too.

Q: Of all of those hunts that you guide, which one is your favorite?

David: It would be very tough to choose just one. But I’d have to say that mule deer hunting is my favorite. I’m kind of a mule deer nut. It is what gets me going more than anything. I love hunting in that Greys River country. It is rugged and just spectacular.

Mule deer are a real challenge to hunt, and I think that’s why I like it so much. When you finally get that big trophy buck, you know that you earned it.

Q: When it comes to hunting big mule deer, what is your biggest tip or piece of advice?

David: Mule deer can live in some rough country, especially where we hunt them in the Greys River region. Getting a stalk on them can be very challenging. It’s important that you don’t just spot a big deer and hurry after him. The big ones don’t get big by being dumb, and stalking them requires a lot of stealth. It’s important to plan a stalk where they can’t see you or wind you. Take some time to study where the deer is, and where your best potential stalk routes are. Make sure you factor for concealment, wind, and anything else necessary to get close enough for a shot.

Q: If a hunter asked you what they should do to prepare for a mule deer hunt, what would be your suggestions?

David: The biggest thing they can do is to practice religiously with their rifle before the hunt. Almost all failed opportunities are because of lack of shooting practice with the rifle they brought. The hunter needs to know their rifle and be confident in their ability to shoot long distances.

To prepare for a mule deer hunt in the Greys River region of Wyoming, I recommend that hunters practice their shooting out to 500 yards if possible.

The second thing hunters should do to prepare is getting in shape. They need to be ready mentally and physically for the challenge of hunting the high country.

Q: What about gear? Is there anything in particular that you think hunters should invest in for their hunt?

David: Quality binoculars are helpful, and it is important to have quality clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable in a wide range of mountain conditions. But I think the most important thing is having a rifle that you are comfortable with. If nothing else, you have to be able to make the shot. It all comes down to that.

Q: What do you enjoy most about guiding elk and mule deer hunts in Wyoming?

David: There are a lot of things that I enjoy about it. But the part I enjoy the most is getting to know new people each year and hearing their stories. I love getting to know who they are and how they ended up where they are.

We have a week together to become friends and it’s so fun to hear each person’s unique story. I’ve made a lot of friends through hunting, and I keep in touch with many past clients throughout the year.

The other thing I enjoy about guiding is that I truly love that high country. I like being on horseback and looking out at that country every day.

Q: When you’re not guiding hunts for SNS, what do you do?

David: When I’m not guiding for SNS, I am a professional taxidermist. I run DND Taxidermy, and I work on many of the animals that our clients have taken throughout the year.

We would like thank David for taking the time to chat with us, and share his suggestions and tips on mule deer hunting. SNS is very fortunate to have guides of such great quality and talent. For more information on Wyoming mule deer hunts with SNS, please visit our website or you may request a free brochure.