Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope Or Elk Hunt In Wyoming
Hunt 7
Mule Deer, Elk & Moose

The Greys River region in western Wyoming boasts a reputation for producing monster mule deer, with more record book entries than anywhere else in the state and ranking in the top five worldwide.

The Box Y Lodge, nestled along the river, offers SNS clients individual heated cabins with private baths amidst picturesque mountain scenery. This might be one of the most comfortable hunting camps you’ve ever experienced. More importantly, it’s surrounded by trophy big game country.

Hunting lodge with green roof

Our well-equipped horses, seasoned trail veterans, provide essential mobility in the rugged terrain and have become proven partners on these hunts.

We have ample stock for rotation so you’ll never have to ride the same horse two days in a row.

Hunting commences well before daybreak, riding out from camp by starlight with your hunting guide for a full day’s pursuit. Mule deer hunts entail navigating alpine bowls, boulder fields, and timbered areas above 9,000 feet, with a weight limit of 250 pounds due to steep terrain. Quality optics and marksmanship skills are imperative for glassing and making precise shots over long distances. Hunters will need nine (9) or more preference points to draw a mule deer tab, but Wyoming does reserve 25% of licenses for applicants with no points. Hunters must prepare physically and mentally for this challenging and exciting hunt.

Hunters posing with their elk and mule deer trophies

In addition to mule deer, the Greys River hosts a resident elk population, offering less strenuous hunts compared to mule deer pursuits, yet physical fitness remains extremely advantageous.

Days are spent glassing, riding, and hiking to various locations in search of elk.

The draw odds for Elk are good, but 4+ preference points are essential to draw a license. 

Hunt NameLodgingPrice per Hunter# of DaysHunt DatesHunter-Guide Ratio
Trophy High Country Mule Deer Camp $7,500.00 6 September 15-20 2:1
*Single deer hunters must book a 1:1 guide for an additional cost of $1,800.00. Points are required to draw a license. 
Rifle Bull Elk Camp $7,500.00 5 October 15-19 or 21-25 2:1
2 hunters to 1 guide. 1:1 guide service is available at an additional $300.00 per day. Points are required to draw a license.
Moose   Camp $9,000.00 6 Call for details and to arrange dates 1:1
Multiple Moose points are required to draw. 

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License fees are not included in the hunt price.
Points are required to draw a license (See our page about preference points)
All hunt prices are subject to a 4% public land use fee.
Non-hunters are welcome at an additional $250.00 per day.

Hunt prices are set annually on October 15 for the following year's hunts, i.e. if you have a hunt booked in 2025 the invoice you receive on October 15, 2024 will have the set 2025 price, and so on and so forth.

Hunt dates may be subject to change depending on the actual season set by the Wyoming Game and Fish.

SNS Outfitter & Guides is a permittee of the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Greys River District, and is an equal opportunity service provider.


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Female hunter with her cow elk in the trees

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We had to Hunt hard, ride long & glass even more. The shots were long & the country steep & large. But that along with a great guide is what made it fun.
One of the best hunts I have been on. I wanted a challenge & I got one. I look forward to hunting with Erick, Matt & SNS Outfitters again.
The greatest country I’ve ever seen.