“My health is better when I am hunting”

Introducing the Tailgate Tales Series; a collection of stories from SNS hunters throughout the years

Havilah Babcock authored a book in 1947 titled, “My Health is Better in November”. Terry Truhler, long time client and friend of SNS, related this title to his own experiences with SNS Outfitter & Guides. “I always feel better when I am hunting in Wyoming.” Terry has been retired for several years, living life in central Washington with his wife and now fills his days tying flies and tending to a handful of steers on his property.

We wanted to share Terry’s story to kick off our Tailgate Tales Series because of his loyalty to SNS. Terry has hunted with us a remarkable twenty-six years! “At this point I am like the camp mascot” he jokes. 

Terry first joined us in 1996 when a neighbor invited him to come hunt mule deer and cow elk in Wyoming. As an avid hunter, he was game and has never looked back. Over the years, he has seen the camp from SNS’ Hunt #3 evolve. The first few years camp was a rustic, pack-in wall tent camp nestled alongside the lower creek beds and the cottonwoods. Now he enjoys the luxuries of our spacious Graham Camp situated in the heart of the ranches best elk country. Each evening he is able to take in the expansive views from the front porch, good conversation, a hot shower and a home cooked meal.

The camp may have evolved, but Terry tells us that SNS has always been about excellent customer service. The crew is made up of some truly great personalities and people that are happy to be there and ready to put in the work. “They give 120% every day. That’s what sets SNS apart from other outfitters.”

In his 26 years hunting with SNS, Terry has made some great friends among our staff. He mentioned several names, but there is one in particular that a great bond has been made. It is easy to see why when you learn that David Dandridge has guided Terry 22 of his 26 years. Now family friends, David is the one who shared this photo collection from their days in the saddle, hunting cow elk. 

When I asked David to comment on Terry, he said; “There is so much joy in guiding hunters, especially when you have had the privilege to guide one of them for the past 22 years. My great friend, Terry Truhler, has not just been a client but has become part of my family. Terry and I have had many great memories over the years on his elk hunts. A special memory to me is how Terry welcomed my son and daughter to accompany him on his hunts so they could be introduced to hunting before they were old enough to go hunt on their own. Each year, I get to share a week with Terry, riding on the mountain, glassing for elk, and making memories that will last a lifetime.” 

Like other SNS clients, Terry has had a lot of success with our professionally guided hunts. He has filled out all but one or two years and appreciates the reliability of this hunting opportunity. He doesn’t come for the meat or the antlers, however, rather the time in camp. “Its always an enjoyable experience, drinking coffee and telling stories in the mess hall. The ranch is so awesome. It’s clearly one of the Last Best Places!”  

Our clients and the friendships forged, like the one with Terry, are special. It’s the experiences shared and memories made that are the true reward to all of us with SNS Outfitter & Guides.

*Postscript: Our many thanks to Mr. Truhler for allowing us to share his story. If you have hunted with SNS and have a tale of your own you would like us to consider sharing, please email sns@huntwyo.com