Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope Or Elk Hunt In Wyoming
Hunt 3
Elk, Mule Deer & Antelope

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For over 35 years, SNS has proudly held the hunting lease on this expansive cattle ranch.

During our tenure, we have witnessed the resident elk herds stabilize and thrive, making this hunt a Wyoming icon.

This ranch is truly a Wyoming classic, spanning over 100,000 acres, epitomizing the essence of a western hunting experience. From sagebrush draws to rimrock ledges and juniper canyons, its diverse terrain promises an adventure like no other. 

Wyoming hunting camp in the prairie

With a stable Mule Deer population, meticulously managed by SNS for over 35 years, we ensure quality hunts here year after year. The majority of buck deer harvested on this ranch are classic 4 pointers (western count) with spreads from 20-28 inches. The Mule Deer license draw is 100%.

This ranch is also home to a resident herd of elk numbering anywhere from 600-1,200 head.

Drawing an Elk tag is more difficult for this area, but with our Wyoming Preference Points system and some planning, a license is sure to be drawn.

Bull elk hunters posing with their bull and cow elk

Our hunts commence at dawn, with hearty breakfasts served before embarking on horseback. Our reliable horses are integral to accessing hunting locations and transporting harvested game and meat back to camp. These gentle, sure-footed and honest mounts ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, embodying the essence of true western style hunt. This hunt features a guide ratio of one per two hunters, ensuring personalized attention.

For added excitement, consider augmenting your Mule Deer or Elk hunt with a trophy Antelope hunt conducted from Casper, Wyoming on a private ranch with a very high success rate.

The Antelope hunt is conducted using 4x4 vehicles for transportation. Meals, gratuities and lodging are at the hunter’s expense during the Antelope portion of this hunt. After you have harvested your Antelope, you will be taken to camp for the other portion of your hunt.

Hunt NameLodgingPrice per Hunter# of DaysHunt DatesHunter-Guide Ratio
Trophy Mule Deer Camp $7,000.00 5 October 15-19 2:1
Trophy Bull Elk† Camp $8,750.00 5 October 9-13, 15-19 or 22-26 2:1
Trophy Bull Elk & Mule Deer † Camp $10,500.00 5 October 15-19 2:1
Add a cow elk to any above hunts for $1,500.00 + license fees
Cow Elk Camp $4,000.00 4 October 9-12, 15-18, 22-25 or 28-31 2:1

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License fees are not included in the hunt price.
† Points are required to draw a license (See our page about preference points)
All hunt prices are subject to a 4% public land use fee.
A non-hunter option is NOT available on this hunt.
1:1 guide service is available at an additional $300.00 per day. 
1:1 guide service is not available on cow elk hunts. 

Hunt prices are set annually on October 15 for the following year's hunts, i.e. if you have a hunt booked in 2025 the invoice you receive on October 15, 2024 will have the set 2025 price, and so on.


2023 Hunt 3 Gallery

Hunter with his bull ek and horses in the background
Hunter with his 6x6 bull elk
Wyoming non resident hunter with his bull elk and horse in the background
Hunter posing with his bull elk on a hillside in Wyoming
Hunter posing with his bull elk and rifle
SNS hunting client with his 6x6 bull elk
A bull elk hunter posing after the hunt
An elk hunter posing with his 6x7 bull on a hillside in the snow
A happy  hunter posing with his bull elk
A nonresident Wyoming hunter posing with his bull elk after the hunt
A hunter with his rifle and bull elk
A male hunter posing with his bull elk after the hunt
An SNS client posing after the hunt with his 6x6 bull elk
A nonresident Wyoming hunter with his six point trophy bull elk on a hillside
Sns Hunt 3 client with his bull elk
A happy hunter posing in his fur hat with his cow elk and rifle
A nonresident hunter posing with his cow elk
A happy hunter posing with his cow elk
Two cow elk hunters posing after the hunt
Cow elk hunter posing in the snow after the hunt
Female hunter posing with her cow elk
Wyoming mule deer hunter
Mule deer hunter posing with his trophy after the hunt
Hunter posing with his mule deer

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People make an organization. It's clear that Sy has assembled the best possible team.
Awesome experience! The views and weather were so great that it made the hunt great. Just an overall awesome time
To say that the elk were abundant would be an understatement.