Photo Update: 2014 Wyoming Hunts

Most of our 2014 Wyoming hunts have come to a close. We had a great season of antelope hunts, mule deer hunts and elk hunts here across the state. Compared to the heavy October snows of last year, the weather was very cooperative. In fact, it was a little too warm at times. However, after dealing with the headaches that the snow caused in 2013, nobody was complaining about this year’s Indian summer.

Antelope hunting overall was very good this year. After a year of good moisture and very healthy range conditions, antler growth was perhaps the best we’ve seen in several years. Antelope herds were strong and look like they will be in great shape going into this winter. If you’ve been following our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds, you know that our hunters were able to take some outstanding pronghorn bucks this year.

Mule deer hunting also seemed to improve this year, although the unseasonably warm weather did make it challenging at times. Locating mature bucks in hot weather is always a challenge, but our hunters and guides worked hard to take some great deer. As with the antelope, good moisture throughout the year and excellent range conditions were great for our mule deer herds. It seemed like most does were accompanied by twin fawns, which is always a great sign of deer health. Of course, that bodes very well for our future deer numbers.

This season also proved to be a great one for elk hunting. Last year’s early October snowstorms moved our elk herds around much earlier than usual, making things very tough. In stark contrast, this year was perhaps one of the best years of elk hunting we’ve had in quite some time. Our hunters killed some great bulls this year and our cow hunters were extremely successful. Like the deer and the antelope, our elk herds look to be very strong and healthy as we head into the colder months.

Here are some of the latest photos from our 2014 Wyoming hunts:

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