Pronghorn Antelope Conditions: Winter 2024

Wyoming is currently experiencing a much more mild winter this 2024 season. It is a welcome relief after the harsh winter we experienced in 2023 when we saw severe pronghorn antelope deaths in most of the entire southwestern corner of Wyoming. Although we had a hard winter in the rest of the state, the death loss for antelope in central Wyoming was significantly less. The result of all of that snow and summer moisture in 2023 translates into p[...]

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Trophy Black Bear Hunts

For hunters seeking a remarkable black bear trophy and a rejuvenating vacation, our hunt offers the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Our lodge is situated in Wyoming’s serene Greys River area, renowned for its abundant black bear population, including predominantly color phase bears. It’s no wonder this has become one of our most-sought after hunts.

With Wyoming’s largest population of black bears, our hunts have[...]

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Mule Deer or Whitetail: take your pick!

Still Looking for a 2024 Deer Hunt? SNS has got you covered! Our Montana Deer Hunt features one of your best options to draw a license and go hunting in 2024. This is a great mule deer hunt, but the property has some fine whitetail hunting as well. We have hunted here for over 25 years and this ranch has a proven track record for producing quality animals.

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Hunting Season Success in 2023



Welcome to SNS Outfitter & Guides, where each hunting season brings tales of success and adventure in the picturesque landscapes of Wyoming and Montana. If you’ve been following our journey, we’re thrilled to have you along. If not, consider this your warm invitation to join the excitement! Don’t forget to subscribe to both our newsletter & YouTube channel to keep abreast of [...]

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Hunting the Rut in Mule Deer Country

November brings the exhilarating Mule Deer rut to Montana! Join our guided hunts for a unique experience witnessing the annual breeding season rituals of Mule Deer and Whitetail. Starting in late October, bucks check does for signs of heat, and by early November, the rut is in full swing, lasting into December.

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2024 Hunting Availability with SNS Outfitter

Last year, around this time, we shared our hunting availability for the following year. You may have noticed our loyal newsletter recipients received the insider info first and then we released it to the masses. Please keep in mind, our availability is fluid as bookings are busy this time of year and what is remaining will go quickly. If you have been itching for a true western hunt in Wyoming or Montana, or have been collecting Prefer[...]

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Twenty-Three Years of Hunting with SNS Outfitter & Guides

Tailgate Tales

[a collection of stories from SNS hunters throughout the years]

#3: featuring Sam Faggetti 

“Twenty Three years of hunting with SNS”


Twenty-three years of hunting with SNS

Our third episode of our Tailgate Tales series features longtime client and friend Sam Fa[...]

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Changes to Elk Hunting in Wyoming

A little history about Wyomings system for issuing coveted non-resident elk licenses. Wyoming has limited the number of non-resident full price bull licenses for over 40 years to a cap of 7,250 tags. This cap was put in place when our state had half as many elk as it currently does. Wyoming’s Elk hunt areas are managed either as limited quota or general licenses. Limited quota areas carve out 16% of the total quota to non-residents. [...]

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