2024 Hunting Availability with SNS Outfitter

Last year, around this time, we shared our hunting availability for the following year. You may have noticed our loyal newsletter recipients received the insider info first and then we released it to the masses. Please keep in mind, our availability is fluid as bookings are busy this time of year and what is remaining will go quickly. If you have been itching for a true western hunt in Wyoming or Montana, or have been collecting Preference Points, we have you covered! So without further ado, here are your options for a hunt with SNS Outfitter during the 2024 season.

2024 Bull Elk:

Wyoming’s elk hunting has never been better! Our elk population continues to grow every year. High demand, however, has caused licenses to be harder to draw and require more preference points. 

      • Extremely Limited

We offer 4 different and unique elk hunting experiences. Right now openings for the 2024 season are very limited and changing daily. If your considering a 2024 elk hunt, our Outfitter would like to help you find the right fit for your hunting preferences and to help your successfully draw. Please call Sy right away to discuss your options and license draw opportunity. 1-307-266-4229 or email us at sns@huntwyo.com

Keep in mind, the Wyoming Elk application period will be upon us very soon. Those dates are January 3rd and closes January 31st, so this is not the time to delay! 

2024 Cow Elk:

If you do not have Wyoming bull elk points, but still want to experience a western elk hunt, booking a cow elk hunt is the way to go! A cow elk hunt is a great way to fill the freezer and still experience a quality elk hunt. 

Good Availability 

We offer horseback cow elk hunts from our private ranch lease that is home to a very large resident herd of elk. Or you can join us at Camp Envy for a pickup truck hunt in September or October. Call the SNS office to book your cow elk hunt for the 2024 season. Openings are filling fast. 1-307-266-4229 or email us at sns@huntwyo.com

      • Horseback Cow Elk Hunts:  Good Availability
      • Truck Cow Elk Hunts:  Good Availability 

2024 Black Bear:

Our high success on color phase black bears and the level of luxury at the Box Y Lodge, makes this a genuine gentleman hunt. This hunt is also a great trip for that non hunting partner to join in the fun and experience the beauty of the Greys River area in western Wyoming.  In 2024 we have several openings.

    • Spring Black Bear hunts we currently have: 
      • 3 openings May 13-17
      • 2 openings May 27-31
    • Fall Black Bear hunt suits your schedule better we have: 
      • 2 openings September 1-5 
      • 2 openings September 8-12 
      • 3 openings September 23-27

2024 Mule Deer:

Our Wyoming High Country mule deer hunts availability is extremely limited in 2024. If you have been looking at this hunt and area, we anticipate a shortened season and hard draw in 2024. The demand for our mule deer hunts continues to be higher than our availability.

Our Montana mule deer hunts, however, are your best opportunity at a 2024 mule deer hunt. For our 2023 clients, the Montana license draw had a 100% success rate. Currently our availability for those Montana hunts are

      • November 5 – 9  4 openings 
      • November 11 – 15   2 openings 
      • November 17 – 21  6 openings

If you have 15 or more Wyoming mule deer preference points, consider a limited quota area hunt. This is Hunt #10 on our website the hunt takes place from the Casper, Wyoming hotel in a very limited tag draw area. 1-307-266-4229 or email us at sns@huntwyo.com

      • October 15-19  just one opening remains

2024 Whitetail Deer:

Our whitetail deer hunts are limited to 10 spots per year on this outstanding northeastern Wyoming ranch. This hunt is sold out in 2024 and we highly suggest you book early for 2025 as we have a few openings at this time.

      • SOLD OUT

2024 Pronghorn Antelope:

We have several options for our pronghorn antelope hunts. Those all vary depending on location and how many preference points it will take to be successful in the Wyoming licensing draw. 1-307-266-4229 or email us at sns@huntwyo.com

For those of you who have been buying Antelope preference points, we do have openings for mid September dates for either a town or camp Trophy Antelope hunt or our Record Book Antelope hunts.

      • September 15-17 we have 4 openings 
      • September 18-20 we have 4 openings 
      • September 21-23 we also have 4 openings

Now, if you are looking for a unique and very limited entry hunt, our Record Book Antelope hunt via Horseback is a great opportunity at some of our largest antelope bucks. These spots are reserved for those of you with 6 or more Wyoming preference points, which will give you a good shot at drawing this tag.

      • October 1 – 3   2 openings
      • October 5 – 7   2 openings

In areas that only take 1-2 preference points to draw, we are booked up for 2024.

      • SOLD OUT

But that doesn’t mean there’s not hope! If you have not started accumulating antelope preference points, please consider our Random Draw Program. We will apply for you in quality areas where you have a 10-15% chance at drawing a license. Please call the SNS office and discuss those options with our Outfitter, Sy Gilliland. 1-307-266-4229 or email us at sns@huntwyo.com  Another option, of course, would be to plan and book a 2025 season.

Ok, that just about covers it. Please remember these openings are subject to change and on a first come first serve basis. If you are one to plan a little further into the future or as you accumulate preference points, we are certainly welcoming bookings for the 2025, 2026 seasons as well. To reserve a spot we only require a minimal deposit to hold dates for the 2025 or 2026 seasons. To book your hunt, please visit the website and fill out the reservation form and email it to sns@huntwyo.com. If you have additional questions about our hunts, we are always more than happy to take your call or email. Let’s get you booked for a Wyoming Hunting adventure with SNS Outfitter and Guides today!