Elk Hunts
Hunt by horseback in Wyoming's epic back-country.
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Wyoming Elk Hunts

We offer 4 elk hunting experiences in Wyoming all of which include top-quality elk hunting.

Our first elk hunting experience you can choose from is our Big Horn Mountain camp-based elk hunting on an outstanding 100,000-acre property, with a resident herd of elk numbering between 600-800. This is a wonderful horseback hunt from our private lodge with sleeping quarters and bath facilities.

The second elk hunt you can choose from is our lodge-based bull elk hunt in the Greys River area in western Wyoming. This is a resident herd of over 1,000 elk that stay all winter on the Forest Park Feed Ground. We are outside of the wolf recovery zone so they have had no effect on elk populations in this area. During this hunt, we stay at the very comfortable Box Y Lodge, the only lodge on the Greys River. 

Our third elk hunt option takes place on more than 30,000 acres of land in Northeastern Wyoming. We have been managing this ranch for more than 30 years. The elk population in this area is thriving and has a very high percentage of bull elk in the population. We offer a very limited number of these elk hunts. Trucks will be used to access the hunt area with hiking involved, no horses are used.

Finally, our fourth and newest addition to the SNS elk hunting lineup is from our wilderness camp in the Washakie wilderness. Our base camp is located six miles from the trailhead in the Shoshone National Forest. Horses and mules are used to access this incredible Elk area. 

Please see our list of elk hunts below for options:

Hunt NameLocationLearn More
Hunt 2- Trophy or Management Bull Elk Hunt- Rifle Northeastern Wyoming View
Hunt 3 - Rifle Bull Elk Hunt Central Wyoming View
Hunt 7 - Rifle Bull Elk Hunt Greys River, Wyoming View
Hunt 8 - Wilderness Elk Hunt - Archery or Rifle Western Wyoming View
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