Mad about Muleys

Our Wyoming Mule Deer Hunts are mostly sold out for 2022, we do however have hunts available for hunters with Wyoming deer preference points. If you’re considering using your points in 2022 we have a couple options for you to consider.

Putting those Wyoming Preference Points to use!

Our Hunt #10 is a very good hunt with high success and a great option for hunters not wanting to hunt from horseback. We hunt two different locations depending on the number of points you have. If you have 2 or more points we have two large ranches leased in area 22. We are only taking 8 Mule Deer Hunts on these two ranches totaling 100,000 acres of private property. If you have 10 or more points another option we have are hunts in areas 34 and 89. We take very few bucks from these prime leases and this is a great choice for hunters with lots of points.

Hunting on prime leases for 44 years
a fine example of a Grey’s River Trophy Mule Deer

If your looking for the ultimate Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt and have 7 or more points, looking into our Hunt #7 is a must! SNS Outfitters has been offering these high country Trophy Mule Deer in the Greys River for more than 20 years. This hunting adventure uses horses and requires hunters to take their pre hunt conditioning efforts seriously. The steep terrain in the Wyoming and Salt River mountain ranges will test you. The country in the Greys River is considered to be Wyomings best Mule Deer Hunting. This hunt requires a region G deer license. If you don’t have enough points to assure a draw, its worth trying for a random draw. We haven’t experienced a bad winter for many years and the deer population is really good right now with a high number of mature bucks.

Please feel free to call our office 1-307-266-4229 or email for further details or to book your own Mule Deer hunt with SNS Outfitter & Guides.

Hunting Mule Deer along the plains of Wyoming