Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope Or Elk Hunt In Wyoming
Hunt 10
Hunt 10

This hunt features multiple ranches that offer thousands of acres of private property and expansive big game habitat.

We have managed these ranches for nearly 20 years and they continue to impress in terms of the quality and number of animals.

Hunt 10 sns mule deer

Our hunters routinely harvest excellent trophy mule deer and antelope on these properties.

Hunt 10 sns mule deer 2020 2

An easy drive from Casper allows us to offer trophy hunts from town.

Our trophy deer hunts take place in limited quota draw area 22. This area will take four (4) or more preference points in order to draw the deer license. For those hunters with 12 or more deer points, we have several quality leases in deer areas 34 & 89. Both areas offer a first-rate hunt with good numbers of mature bucks. This hunt can be combined with a trophy antelope for those with multiple antelope points as well.

These hunts are very limited, so be sure and book early if you’re interested.

Hunt NameLodgingPrice per Hunter# of DaysHunt DatesHunter-Guide Ratio
Trophy Mule Deer & Antelope Combo Town $8,000.00 5 October 1-5, 6-10, 10-14, 15-19 or 27-31 2:1
Trophy Mule Deer Town $6,500.00 5 October 1-5, 6-10, 10-14, 15-19 or 27-31 2:1

1:1 service is available at an additional $300.00 per day.
License fees are not included in the hunt price. 
All hunt prices are subject to a 3% public land use fee. 

Meals and lodging are at the hunter's expense and not included in the hunt fee on town hunts.


2022 Hunt 10 Gallery

Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Adams Cardinal
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Arkenau Warner
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Birchard Kuhn
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Crook Cardinal
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Eggiman Decker
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Holland Decker 1
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Holland Decker
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Keffer Decker
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Larsen Warner
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 McCurdy Decker
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Salter Warner
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Scott Decker
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Short Decker
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Walls Cardinal
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Werblak Cardinal
Wyoming Hunt6 2022 Wright Wheeler

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Exceeded expectations.
It would be an understatement to say that we were completely satisfied with every aspect of our hunt.
THANK-YOU for the once in a lifetime hunt... What a memory!!