Antelope Hunts

We are North America's Largest Antelope Outfitter

For 46 years season now, we have been lucky enough to host top quality hunting adventures in Wyoming & Montana. Time and time again, clients have expressed their appreciation and fond memories of a hunt well conducted.

Wyoming Antelope Hunts

For top-quality antelope hunting, you can't beat Wyoming!

We carefully manage our ranches and monitor the number of antelope hunts we take every year. Having outstanding habitat and large numbers of mature bucks is only part of the equation. Antelope are the hardest big game animal to score on the hoof. They may look alike to the average hunter, but not to the seasoned guide. SNS has very experienced antelope guides; in fact, they are some of the very best.

We often see success rates on our antelope hunts of 100%.

We hunt antelope in many areas of central and eastern Wyoming.

Our Antelope hunts take place from either camp or town. Our town hunts take place out of Casper. During your hunt, you will start your day with an early breakfast and head out with your guide using 4x4 vehicles. Once in the field, we use binoculars and spotting scopes to locate and judge the pronghorn bucks in the field. When a good buck is found a stalk is planned. The goal is to get as close as possible for a clean, ethical kill.

Most of our antelope hunts take place on private leases. License draw rates vary from year to year but we hunt many areas that draw at 100%.

The hunting license application deadline is May 31.


Please see our list of pronghorn antelope hunts below:

Featuring an 97% lifetime success ratio on Pronghorn Antelope Hunts