Hunting Season Success in 2023



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Year-End Recap:

As the curtain falls on our 46th hunting season, it’s time to reflect on the triumphs of 2023. This video is not just a celebration of our clients, but also a showcase of the dedication and expertise of our professional hunting guides and the entire SNS team.

Black Bear Hunts:

Spring Black Bear hunts can often mean snow storms and logistical challenges. The heavy snow pack from the winter of “23” was certainly difficult for our hunting guides to deal with. However once the bear’s emerged from hibernation and started utilizing the baits the hunting scene drastically improved.

Fall black bear hunts are just as highly sought after and successful while the bears are bulking up for winter. We generally experience great weather, bugling bull elk and beautiful fall colors. Either season produces magnificent color phase bears, a great time watching the activity on the baits and a relaxing stay at the Box Y Lodge.

Antelope Adventures:

With a lifetime success rate of 99%, our antelope hunts continue to deliver. That’s what happens when you book a hunt with the experienced team of SNS in the heart of Wyoming’s best antelope country! The hard winter of 2023 caused some concern among hunters with antelope points. Many opted to not apply for a license and stay home. Although we did have fewer antelope on the landscape, the quality of bucks taken was very good. Wyoming received above average moisture during the spring and summer months along with cooler temperatures. This helped our antelope bucks to experience outstanding horn growth. Although our overall herd numbers may be down, Wyoming’s antelope populations are going into the winter in prime shape. This all points to what could be an outstanding 2024 season. Despite concerns from a harsh winter, our experienced team ensured a high-quality experience. The outcome was fewer antelope but exceptional trophy bucks, setting the stage for a promising 2024 season.

Mule Deer Hunting in both, Wyoming & Montana:

We hunt Mule Deer in both Wyoming and Montana from all of our camps and in the Casper area from the hotel. Although overall mule deer numbers have declined statewide, we are still taking good, mature bucks on our Wyoming hunts. 

Our Montana mule deer hunts just wrapped an awesome season and relatively mild weather conditions making hunting those hunts even more enjoyable. Overall deer numbers are again starting to increase on this large property.

Wyoming Whitetail:

Our Whitetail deer hunts in northeastern Wyoming, renowned for booking up in advance, showcased trophy bucks from both Wyoming and Montana ranch leases. The diversity on our Montana lease is becoming increasingly attractive to SNS clients. 

Booking up each year well in advance, Whitetail deer hunts with SNS in northeastern Wyoming are as popular as they come! Yet another private ranch lease for our outfit that produces quality trophy whitetail bucks every year. This year several of the whitetails taken were actually form our Montana ranch lease. We are seeing more diversity on that large spread of land and SNS clients are taking advantage of this option!  

Bugling Bull Elk & Cow Elk Hunts:

SNS has just finished our most successful elk season to date. Our harvest success rate was very high and our clients who didn’t fill their tags, still experienced 100% opportunity at shots. Our September Archery Elk season kicked off our elk hunts before we transitioned into the October rifle season. With four different elk camps turning and burning all at once, it was a frenzy of success. 

On October 11th it started to rain statewide, but at our wilderness elk camp, it was heavy snow and by the time it ended, the area received over 30 inches of snow. Wyoming weather certainly affects every hunting experience. Be on the lookout

Be on the look out for our upcoming video “Opening Day” from our private ranch lease hunt. It’s going to be an exciting look at what it’s like to have clients riding out in the early morning with high hopes and return one by one with pack saddles full of elk quarters and large elk antlers. 

Our cow elk hunts are intermingled during the bull elk season. These very popular elk hunts enjoy tremendous success and fill your freezer with outstanding table fare for the year.  

Upcoming Excitement:

Stay tuned for our upcoming video, “Opening Day,” capturing the thrill of early morning rides and triumphant returns with elk quarters and antlers from our private ranch lease

Closing Words:

At SNS, we take immense pride in offering 46 years of top-notch hunting experiences. If you dream of your own hunting adventure in Wyoming or Montana, we’d love to have you join us. Contact our staff at or call 1-307-266-4229. From the entire SNS family to yours, we wish you a safe and spectacular holiday season!