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Our 5-day bear hunt is based out of scenic & comfortable Box Y Lodge. Black bears taken from our black bear hunt area have won many trophy awards.

  • Wyoming Bear Hunts
  • Wyoming Bear Hunts
  • Wyoming Bear Hunts
Wyoming Black Bear Hunts

Wyoming's premier black bear area is the Greys River country.

This area produces mainly color phase black bears and some big bears with large heads. Black bears we have taken from the Greys River area have won many awards from the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association (WYOGA) awards program.

We hunt these bears over baits using ground blinds and you won't fight black flies like similar hunts in Canada. The baits are tried and true, having produced many black bears over the years. They are placed in early spring and fall, then constantly re-supplied to keep the bears' interest. With the use of trail cameras we can monitor the baits and help determine the size, color and number of Bears coming to the bait. We will be hunting at 7,000 feet to 8,000 feet, in mountainous terrain; these conditions help prevent Greys River Bears from having slipped hides.

Our 5-day black bear hunt is based out of the scenic and very comfortable Box Y Lodge, the only lodge on the Greys River. The Box Y Lodge consists of a main lodge with dining room where excellent meals are served and a comfortable living room for reading, relaxing or telling stories. The sleeping accommodations consists of cozy cabins with full baths. Go to www.boxylodge.com for more information on the lodge.

The day starts with breakfast at about 8:00, afterwards your guides will head out and check baits. You are free to fish at the Box Y's private catch and release pond, on the Greys River or just take a drive. We have our main meal around 3:00 pm and then head out to the baits and get ready for your trophy black bear to arrive. 

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Please see our list of black bear hunts below:

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Hunt 9 - Spring & Fall Black Bear Hunt Greys River, Wyoming View
Featuring lodging at the Box Y Lodge with cozy cabins & excellent meals.