Hunt #8
We've added new territory to the SNS hunt lineup.
New Elk Hunting

Now offering a wilderness elk hunting experience in Wyoming's Shoshone National Forest.

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307 266-4229

SNS Outfitter & Guides has acquired a new elk hunting opportunity.

In addition to our private land elk hunt and our Greys River elk hunt conducted out of the Box Y Lodge, we will now offer a wilderness elk hunting experience in the Shoshone National Forest. 

We are currently booking archery and rifle elk hunts for the 2023 season from this camp.

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In the past, this camp was owned and operated by Todd Jones for 12 years, and for the last 8 years, it has been owned and operated by Taylor and Hillary Engum of East Fork Outfitters.

The East Fork Camp is a Two-Hour Pack in camp and is located in elk area 67 in Fremont County east of the town of Dubois, Wyoming, and boasts a very high success rate of 95% for both archery and rifle elk hunting with many trophy class bulls taken. The license takes 4+ preference points to draw in this area.

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The elk hunts out of this camp are five days long. Because it is a pack-in camp and hunts are conducted via horseback physical conditioning cannot be emphasized enough.

Walk, ride a bike, and climb stairs.  All will help to improve your chances of success and your experience.  If you don’t know how to ride, take some lessons at a local stable.  Even if you know how to ride, get out and ride some before you get here.  It will help your conditioning and ensure you don’t get saddle-sore.

If you are interested in elk hunting with SNS Outfitter & Guides out of this new camp, feel free to call (307) 266-4229 and speak to us about booking a future elk hunt out of the East Fork Outfitters camp or check out the East Fork Outfitters website at https://eastforkoutfitters.net/ for more detailed information.

2:1 **

Hunt NameLodgingPrice per Hunter# of DaysHunt DatesHunter-Guide Ratio
Archery Bull Elk Camp $8,495.00 5 September 8-12 ++
September 15-19 or 23-27
 Rifle Bull Elk Camp $8,495.00 5  October 1-5, 9-13 or 17-21  
Bighorn Sheep Camp $12,000.00  5 Call to arrange dates 1:1

The number of hunting days is 5, but there is a day to pack in and a day to pack out on either end of the hunt dates.

License fees are not included in the hunt price.
++ September 8-12 Archery license is a type 9 and requires 5+ preference points to draw.
The general license requires 4+ preference points to draw. 
A non-hunter option is not available on this hunt.
All hunt prices are subject to a 3% public land use fee.
Hunt dates may be subject to change depending on the actual season set by the Wyoming Game and Fish

SNS Outfitters & Guides is an equal opportunity service provider.