Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope Or Elk Hunt In Wyoming
Hunt 8
Wilderness Elk & Bighorn Sheep

Wyoming Back Country Wilderness Pack-in Elk Hunting Camp

This is a true Wyoming wilderness Elk hunting camp & experience that has enjoyed an incredible success rate of 95% harvest rate the past 8 years.

There is no animal on earth quite like the Rocky Mountain Elk.

Elk inhabit some of the most beautiful and remote places in Wyoming. SNS Outfitter is very lucky to be able to offer both archery and rifle Elk hunts from our wilderness camp in the Washakie wilderness. Our base camp is located six miles from the trailhead in Elk area 67 in the Shoshone National Forest. Horses and mules are used to access this incredible Elk area. 


The terrain that we are hunting consists of steep canyons lined with thick timber providing Elk with cover and seclusion. Our area has several beautiful grass-covered meadows where the Elk feed. These meadows are used heavily in the fall during the Elk rut.

The typical day starts out very early with our guides and wrangler catching and saddling the riding stock by the light of lanterns and headlamps. After the horses are saddled our staff and hunters enjoy steaming hot coffee and a hearty breakfast prepared by the camp cook. Well before daylight we head out working our way to the area your guide has chosen for the morning hunt. Elk are located by listening for bugling bulls and once located a stalk begins hopefully ending in a downed Trophy Bull. Once a bull has been harvested the work begins quartering, skinning, and packing the meat to camp.

Our wilderness camp has been highly successful on trophy-class 6-point bulls.

It’s important that if you’re considering this hunt you book well in advance. Wyoming Elk preference points are essential to draw this license. We anticipate it will require 4 or more points to secure a draw in 2024. If you are unfamiliar with Wyoming’s point system, you can read more about preference points here. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.

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In addition to our Elk hunts, we offer Bighorn Sheep, Moose, and Wolf hunting from the same camp.

Bighorn Sheep and Moose hunting opportunity is very limited and based upon a draw involving many years of accumulating preference points. The wolf season starts September 15th, and we encourage all our hunters to buy an over-the-counter wolf license (area 5) in case the opportunity occurs during the hunt to take a wolf. We do not charge any guide or trophy fees if you’re lucky enough to take a wolf during your Elk hunt.

If you are interested in elk hunting with SNS Outfitter & Guides out of this camp, feel free to call (307) 266-4229 and speak to us about booking a future elk hunt out of this wilderness camp.

Wounded Animal Policy: Our wound policy regarding a wounded animal is very simple. If you draw blood, whether you and your guide find the animal or not, that is your animal. We will do everything in our power to find and retrieve the animal, but another animal will not be taken.

Grizzly Bears: Camp is in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and this area is home to Grizzly Bears. All employees and guests are required to always carry bear spray. We will provide this to you. Full training will be conducted when clients arrive at camp. To learn more about hunting in Grizzly country click here or scan the code below.

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Hunt NameLodgingPrice per Hunter# of DaysHunt DatesHunter-Guide Ratio
Archery Bull Elk Camp $8,750.00 5 September 8-12 ++
September 15-19 or 23-27
Rifle Bull Elk Camp $8,750.00 5 October 1-5, 9-13 or 17-21 2:1 *
Bull Moose Camp $9,000.00 5 Call to arrange dates  1:1
Bighorn Sheep Camp $12,500.00  5 Call to arrange dates 1:1

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The number of hunting days is 5, but there is a day to pack in and a day to pack out on either end of the hunt dates.

++ September 8-12 Archery license is a type 9 and requires 5+ preference points to draw.
*1:1 hunting is available on Rifle Elk hunts at an additional $300.00 per day. Archery Elk hunts are 1:1 guide.

License fees are not included in the hunt price.
The general license requires 4+ preference points to draw. 
A non-hunter option is NOT available on this hunt.
All hunt prices are subject to a 4% public land use fee.
Hunt dates may be subject to change depending on the actual season set by the Wyoming Game and Fish

Hunt prices are set annually on October 15 for the following year's hunts, i.e. if you have a hunt booked in 2025 the invoice you receive on October 15, 2024 will have the set 2025 price, and so on.

SNS Outfitter & Guides is a permittee of the Shoshone National Forest. SNS Outfitters & Guides is an equal-opportunity service provider.


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