Combination Hunts for Mule Deer & Antelope

For years, the most popular hunt in Wyoming was a mule deer and antelope combo hunt. This combination hunt was a staple for most Wyoming Outfitters. Wyoming mule deer populations continue to decline every year which is really making this combination hunt hard to find and even more difficult to get booked. Although SNS Outfitter still has some quality mule deer on the ranches we hunt, their numbers are low. Therefore we have decreased the number of clients we take each year in order to maintain a...

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Wyoming Cow Elk Hunts

Would you like to satisfy your elk hunting needs & know right where the meat you put on the table comes from? Consider doing a cow elk hunt with SNS Outfitters. For several years now we have been sending hunters home with coolers full of organic cow elk meat and it is obvious, the popularity of these hunts is on the rise. Elk meat is delicious, free of antibiotics and very low in cholesterol. In other word's, a cow elk hunt provides outstanding table fare and a great hunting trip. The demand...

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Prairie Dog Shoot with SNS Outfitter & Guides

If you haven't ever come out west during the summer season, it may be time to consider a Wyoming prairie dog hunt.  Shooting several rounds of ammunition a day at prairie dogs towns filled with these rodents is incredibly fun.  SNS Outfitter & Guides currently has opportunity for just a few, quality prairie dog hunts this coming summer. We limit these to small groups of 4 shooters or less for 2-3 days. Taking limited numbers each year ensures a quality hunt. The best time of year t...

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Ballot initiatives in Colorado & why hunters everywhere should be paying attention!

Strike up a conversation about politics around a campfire and you're pretty much guaranteed not to be invited on the next hunting trip.  In fact, it seems to be an actual human characteristic that any person who loves the pursuit of wild game also hates all things politics. Hunters just want to be in the woods. They want to be surrounded by the sounds of nature. They want to stand around a campfire with their family/friends and share stories about previous hunting experiences. They want to ...

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Pronghorn Antelope Conditions: Winter 2024

Wyoming is currently experiencing a much more mild winter this 2024 season. Wyoming Pronghorn It is a welcome relief after the harsh winter we experienced in 2023 when we saw severe pronghorn antelope deaths in most of the entire southwestern corner of Wyoming. Although we had a hard winter in the rest of the state, the death loss for antelope in central Wyoming was significantly less. The result of all of that snow and summer moisture in 2023 translates into plentiful range conditions in c...

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From DIY to Professionally Guided Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

Step into the shoes of Jess Johnson, an avid hunter whose September 2023 rifle hunt with guide Ryan Kertanis resulted in harvesting a magnificent trophy antelope buck with SNS Outfitter & Guides. Jess and Ryan embarked on their hunt from our Red Butte camp lodge, venturing into the sprawling landscapes of private lands meticulously managed by SNS Outfitter & Guides. Unlike Jess' previous experiences as a DIY hunter on public lands, the exclusive hunting grounds provided a serene sanctuar...

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In Memory of longtime guide Phil Marton

The SNS family recently lost one of our own. On January 15, 2024, Phil Marton one of our longtime guides, sportsman, predator hunter, rancher and friend passed away after a long battle with esophageal cancer.

Over the past 30 plus years many of our SNS clients hunted antelope on the Marton ranch. Phil guided many of our hunters for antelope, mule deer and elk. The last years of his guiding career he focused on hunting Montana mule deer.

Phil was an accomplished predator hunter who honed his coyote hunting skills protecting the ranches sheep herd. This skill came in handy when Phil and several SNS guides went hunting in the Northwest Territories. The caribou hunting was difficult as their numbers were so low. Phil turned his attention to the ultimate predator hunt, wolves. After a very long day of pursuing a wolf pack for miles on foot, using his calling skills Phil killed the ultimate trophy, a beautiful white wolf.

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