Wyoming’s two-tiered license system for elk, deer, and antelope was passed by the state’s legislature in 1988 with the first special licenses sold in 1989.

In 2023 Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce helped implement a new pricing structure for special licenses to take effect in 2024.

Hunt Deposits:

To confirm your booking, a 50% deposit is required. If you are unsuccessful in drawing a single animal hunt, your deposit can either be returned or rolled over to the next year. If you book a combination hunt and are unsuccessful in drawing one animal, but draw the other license, the deposit amount will be refunded for only the species you fail to draw. Only upon failure to draw a license is a deposit returned. License applications withdrawn by the client WILL NOT COUNT AS FAILURE TO DRAW. In those cases, a deposit refund will not be granted. Deposits will be returned within 60 days of notification by the Wyoming Game & Fish that you were unsuccessful in obtaining a license. Please note due to inflation and cost increases, hunts booked for 2023 and beyond will see price increases regardless of the price set upon booking. Final prices will be set by October 15th of the preceding year i.e. 2023 hunt prices will be finalized by October 15th, 2022, and so on and so forth.

Final payments are due 30 days prior to the hunt start date.


No refunds will be made for canceled hunts for any reason. No rate reductions or extra days will be given if hunters leave before the conclusion of the hunt or if they fail to arrive on prearranged dates. We recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance in the event you are unable to make your trip due to work, injury, illness, or death. Refunds are not granted for weather delays, area, or season closures.

Payment Methods:

Personal checks are accepted for all payments, as well as all major credit cards. Final payments are due 30 days prior to the hunt start date.

Sales & Lodging Tax:

Meals and lodging on Wyoming camp hunts are subject to sales and lodging tax.

Public Land Use Fee (4%):

SNS Outfitter & Guides hold permits to outfit on National Forest, BLM, and Wyoming State Trust Lands. Most of our private land leases have intermingled public lands within the borders of these ranches. These Lands require a permit and use fee to commercially outfit them. SNS Outfitter & Guides is a permittee of the Bridger Teton National Forest, Greys River District & Thunder Basin National Grasslands as well as the Bureau of Land Management.

One-on-One Guide Service:

This exclusive service is offered at a rate of $300.00 per day. The rate is charged for the number of days booked and must be added at the time of booking.


We can accommodate non-hunters in camp for a fee of $250.00 per day. If you want your non-hunter to accompany you during your time in the field a one-on-one hunt must be booked.

Trip Cancellation Insurance:

We strongly recommend you consider purchasing a trip insurance policy on your hunt as we do not offer goodwill refunds for any reason. Should you be unable to make your trip due to an unforeseen problem you will not lose all of your investment. Trip insurance also protects you from damage or loss to your equipment and provides medical benefits and emergency evacuation coverage during your hunt. Once you book your trip we will provide you with a flyer detailing the type of insurance offered. Information can also be obtained at www.ripcordrescuetravelinsurance.com/snsoutfitters or call Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance at (415) 481-0600 and ask about Sportsman’s Travel Insurance.

Liability Waiver:

A liability waiver/acknowledgment of risk will be mailed to you upon booking to be signed and returned to our office within 30 days of booking.


Licenses for hunting are not transferable to another person according to Wyoming and Montana law. All Wyoming and Montana licenses are drawn via a lottery system. We are happy to help you secure the licenses for your hunt. We fill out all Wyoming and Montana license applications and submit them for you. Most of our hunts have draw odds of 100%. You can find out if the hunt you are interested in requires points on that particular hunt’s description page.


Wyoming Game & Fish charges a 2.5% non-refundable processing fee on all licenses, stamps, and permits. 

License TypeDeadline DateRegular License FeeSpecial License Fee
Bull Elk January 31 $707.00  $1,965.00
Cow Elk January 31 $303.00  
Deer May 31 $389.00  $1,215.00
Doe Deer May 31 $49.00  
Antelope May 31  $341.00  $1,215.00
Doe Antelope May 31 $49.00  
Black Bear Over-the-counter $373.00  
Moose April 30 $2,767.00  
Bighorn Sheep April 30 $3,017.00  
Turkey August 15  $74.00  
Wyoming Conservation Stamp*   $12.50  * 1 stamp per hunter required
Gray Wolf Over-the-counter $187.00  
Archery License    $72.00  
Elk Special Management Permit**    $15.50 **required on Hunt 7 only
MONTANA LICENSE FEES AND DEADLINE DATES: Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks charges a 3.25% non-refundable processing fee on all licenses, stamps, and permits.
Deer Combination* April 1  $761.50  *2024 price. License fees change annually by MFWP
Antelope* June 1 $205.00   *2024 price. License fees change annually by MFWP



If a credit card is used to pay license fees, a 3% surcharge will be charged by SNS. 

For more information check our "Prepare To Go" page.